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Herbal Skin Clinic

Jules is currently setting up a skin clinic in Sleaford which will treat a wide range of skin complaints such as acne and psoriasis using herbal remedies. The clinic will be at Carre Street Clinic, on a Monday between 1pm and 7pm by appointment only.

Jules has had a lot of success in treating patients with skin conditions. She recently conducted a trial of a new cream for psoriasis sufferers, which helped the condition.

The results are shown below with before and after pictures.

All skin creams have been tested on Jules before any other human volunteers and no ingredients or products have been tested on animals.

Jules also supplies creams for Herbs In A Bottle, another well-accredited company among the herbal community, because she has been recognised for her ability to create amazing herbal treatments for the skin.

Images uploaded with prior approval from the patient

Day 1
Day 4
Day 10
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