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Dry Hair 

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Bring the moisture back with silk protein

Jules of the Earth range of shampoos are designed not only to provide you with sensuous, vibrant and healthy looking hair, they also nourish and protect your skin.

Shampoo - Dry hair 250g

With all the harsh chemicals from styling products, dyes, and the environment, it is no wonder we find our hair feeling limp or looking dry. Even some shampoos can do more damage than good.

Jules of the Earth’s shampoo for dry hair uses only nature’s best ingredients to nourish and protect your hair leaving it feeling soft, shiny and full of moisture.

A combination of silk protein, pro-vitamin B5 and glycerine have been combined by Jules herself in a unique formula and are used within this light and effective shampoo that will bring the moisture back to your hair and leave you feeling great.

Made with Sandalwood and Rosemary Essential Oils

Avoid during pregnancy or if epileptic

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