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Meet Jules (Not literally - She is antisocial wink)

Jules is a qualified Reflexologist, Reiki healer and Medical Herbalist.

In 2011 Jules launched Jules of the Earth which started with just a handful of products - lip balm and body butter. She has been making these products for her friends and family for a while ensuring every product included natural ingredients and they are of a very high quality. She works tirelessly to create new formulations, selling her products at craft fairs as well as through mail order.

Jules’ love of animals has led her to believe that cosmetic products and, their ingredients, should never be tested on them. She is so committed to this philosophy that, she ask friends and family to test them for her.

Jules feels strongly that the world needs to return to the natural remedies of old and that too many people are forced to rely on prescription drugs that can often cause so many more problems for the patient. She often finds herself astounded by the number of tablets that some of her clients are taking and wants to be able to help with a natural alternative. This is why in 2014 Jules started a degree in Herbal Medicine.

Jules is delighted to say she graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine with a 2:1 in 2017. My long-standing passion for herbal remedies is what drives the innovation of new Jules Of The Earth products.

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